The Weird Trading System Discovery

Burnt Out Project Manager Leaks:
"If You Got Paid Upfront To Place a Trade in The Stock Market, How Many Trades Would You Make?"

Dear Friend,

My name is Brett Davison, and if you've been financially devastated by the crazy recent events like I have (more on this later), this can help turn it around.

Skeptical? Hey, I don't blame you. So was I.

But this is the only reliable system I've unearthed that generates cash immediately "upfront" every week and you choose exactly how much you make... regardless of what happens in the world.

If You Could  Name Your Paycheck,
How Much Would You Make It For?


What is the number? How much would be crammed into your bank account?

Every... Single... Week.

Imagine an ATM machine on the fritz that spits out $100 bills whenever you walk by.

Before we get too far, let me open your eyes and give you the straight goods as to what this isn't:

 This isn't about SEO (or any other form of online traffic).

 This isn't sales related (It has nothing to do with Etsy, Ebay, Craigslist, or Amazon).

 This isn't about social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube and all their shallow friends are OUT).

And it's not some weird, unethical online gambling hack (No need to have the Russian mob show up at your door, right?).

Although.... I'll show you how to stack the odds shockingly in your favor while getting paid like a dazzling shiny-new casino.

How about latching onto that $247,287,500 payday?

In a minute, I'll show you EXACTLY how this has been done before (and how you can prime yourself for the next opportunity just like it that I believe is coming - it could be mere days away!)

This is a 100% legal, morally ethical, "government-approved" way to make money.

24/7, 365 days a year. Each and every year.

In addition to the list above, it's not about trading risky penny stocks, buying expensive & slow-moving dividends stocks, complicated Forex trading, or having to sit in front of your computer all day to daytrade.

In fact, it typically takes less than 7.5 minutes of work *per week* to fire up and you can do it after hours when your day is done.

Heck, it might even take less time because you can have the boring stuff done automatically for you. (Why waste your time doing shhtuff that doesn't get your excitement glands pumping?)

But before I get into how "fat cat" insiders are already using it to amass a fortune - let me tell you how I stumbled upon it.

The "Cash Stacking"
Quarantine Resistant Solution
Hidden in Plain Sight

I'll never forget sitting in the doctor's office.

His face showing concern as he told me that my blood pressure was through the roof.

I knew I was stressed the heck out.

I had gone the doctor because I had these weird pains in my guts. Like a sharp, stabbing pain on my right side and my stomach was ALWAYS in knots.

I felt like I was ready to puke from when I woke up until early afternoon. (And no, I hadn't been drinking.)

My chest felt like it was being compressed - like it was in a constantly tightening vice.

I couldn't sleep and even if I did fall asleep, my sleeping pattern was all over the map. I felt lethargic and completely drained of energy.

I was wasting away and getting more and more run down.

When the doctor checked my blood pressure I had a RESTING heart rate of 155. And I know for a fact it was much higher a few weeks earlier when I made the appointment.

A normal resting heart rate is between 60-100.

So, ya that's what I'm getting at when I say I was stressed the heck out.

The lines in his face betrayed his worry as he asked, "Is there anything going on that might have you feeling stressed?"

It's like my life flashed before my eyes, as a slideshow of things that had me worried flashed across the screen of my mind.

I remembered the past 6 years where I had been overloaded at work. More and more work was piled on me as I drowned in a sea of customer's panic projects. Meanwhile while my boss and co-workers shuffled more and more of their workload onto me while promising customers that we could "make it happen".

Extra work and responsibility always seems to fall on people who work hard to get results - and others are happy enough to lighten their workload and ride your coat tails - trying to make YOU responsible for the outcome they want (regardless of how unrealistic it might be).

I thought about how my wife Amy had lost her job as a teacher in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis.

It meant we were down to just my paycheck.

Then I remembered my boss slumped at his desk wearing a bright white shirt with pink palm trees (it's weird the things that stand out to us, isn't it?) as he held his head in his hands and told me that he wasn't sure if we had more work coming into the shop.

"We will have to cut back everyone's hours and stagger our shifts."

In that moment, I realized the security that I thought existed for employees was never there.

Small business owners and corporations didn't shield their employees from hard times. Any slowdown in the economy always rolls downhill as they prioritize their profits over their people.

His statement to cut back my hours seemed to seal our fate.

In that moment, we were down to less than one income to to pay the mortgage. Get food. Pay insurance. Cover vehicle expenses, the cell phones, internet, TV bills... the list went on and on.

I felt completely vulnerable and exposed financially - at the mercy of the shifting economic winds and whatever decision my boss made.

And this was ONTOP of the health stuff I was experiencing..... it was a constant wound up, upset-stomach-sickening type of feeling.

To not be able to provide for my family was humiliating. I felt like a complete and total failure.

My wife put on a brave face and was as supportive as she could be, but I still felt alone and helpless.

I found it particularly difficult to deal with as I had always been the one to shoulder the extra responsibility and burden to help others - reassuring them that everything would work out - and I seemed to be unravelling as things fell apart.

More so than that - I had always been physically strong and in great health.

I used to deadlift 500 pounds, bench press 400 and squat 600 pounds. So to have my health now in question - something I NEVER had to deal with before - on top of the rest of this uncertainty was pretty new and scary to be trying to deal in the midst of everything else.

I was once a promising "go-getter" with unlimited potential... now I felt like an embarrassment with no financial options and no hope.

Geez. I hate even remembering this.

It brings all the painful negative feelings of that dark time right back to the surface all over.

I never want to go through anything like that again.

One ray of light during it was that I remember making myself a promise: that I was going to find a way out and if I did, I'd try to help others.

If I found a way to fix my finances, I was going to spread the good news of what I found - like a Minister of Capitalism.

I knew my situation wasn't unique, as countless others were in the same financial sinking ship.

Early on in the global pandemic, my wife Amy lost her job as a school teacher.

We were thankful that I still had my project management job - even though my hours had been slashed and the owner was wavering on shutting down the shop forever due to the Coronavirus fuelled cash crunch he was facing.

So with our income being decimated by more than half, the world economy falling off a financial cliff and a steady parade of bills racking our credit cards, killing our bank account, and pushing us further and further into the red....

I felt like I was trapped on a roller coaster - unable to get off until it was all over... one way or another.

I needed results that would change things *real* fast.

I needed a scandalously simple & morbidly easy to follow template that would spit out "iron-clad" reliable results.

You know... something as GUARANTEED as death and taxes.

My thoughts drifted to all those corporate New-York-Titan-of-Industry types.

The ones who light cigars with $100 dollar bills while sipping Macallan "M" single-malt scotch at $631,850 per bottle, as they are cradled in a sumptuous "Shell Cordovan" leather wingback chair - feet up on a hand-tooled African Blackwood desk.

What secret did they know that I didn't?

I'm just a good old boy with a blue collar. I love my wife and lead a simple life. And I'm ok with that. I don't really want their life.

I just want to provide for my family and help others.

I had always worked hard and was always on the lookout for some way to that I could make some extra money.

Deep down, I knew there HAD to be some sort of straightforward cash generation idea that these guys knew and I didn't.

I didn't (and still don't!) want all the complex stuff they use.

I was just looking for one secret or tip. Just a simple crumb off their table so I could help get us through this rough patch.

The ONLY Key to the Solution

And with millions of people out of work, businesses shutting faster than an angry croc's jaws snapping shut and people having to distance themselves like they're infected with some sort of undead plague, I realized the only chance I had lay in finding something that didn't need physical human interaction in order to succeed.

Honestly, the key was something that I could do online.

But for years I tried nearly every scheme possible to make money online.

SEO. YouTube videos. Affiliate marketing. Craigslist. Amazon. Ebay. Etsy.

I even tried some Twitter, Instagram and Facebook stuff.

I bounced from "Guru" to "Guru" and from idea to idea only to fail over and over.

Every course and new product had seemed good in theory and promised the world, but never panned out.

All I had to show for the lost years was a hard drive full of unusable & outdated digital products with a giant hole in my bank account to match.

The Money Miracle Conduit
Was a Blue & White Icon
on My Computer Screen

I was staring vacantly at my computer screen like a zombie again.

I couldn't bring myself to look at those courses and their empty promises any more.

In that moment, the Heavens opened.

Call it intuition. Call it divine intervention. Call it pure coincidence.

Call it whatever you want.

Whatever it was, it was the conception of my "money miracle."

I saw a little blue and white icon in the bottom corner of my computer screen.

In a moment of clarity, the thought flashed across the front of my cerebral cortex: "You should check out that software."

Well... why not? What did I have to lose?"

I had run across it while mindlessly searching some unknown shadow on the old interwebs a long time ago - I had forgotten all about it.

Firing it up, the software let me search and download instructional videos on almost any topic.

It was like a laser-focussed instructional YouTube on steroids.

Admittedly, most of the stuff was computer programming related.

Blech. Not my style.

But I've always been a curious sort of guy... always on the lookout for some informational edge to help me get ahead.

Especially when it comes to stackin' tha moola.

And while I can be a financial mercenary at times - doggedly pursuing and looking into literally ANY way of making a buck - I do have an ethical and moral code I follow.

Mister Machiavelli I am not.

(I think this moral restraint is the symptomatic leftovers from my religious upbringing. A story for another time....)

So whatever money-making thing it is - it's gotta be on the up and up.

No meth-making, drug-dealing, porn-pushing or computer-hacking for old Brettsky.

But beyond that - stock trading, online bizniss, buying and selling in some asset arbitrage - I don't really care what it is.

I'm open and ready for business whatever it is - as long as it works.

Up until then, I hadn't found anything that worked consistently.

Sure, I'd made a few bucks here and there, but it was one winner followed by a long string of losers.

It felt like this was going to be yet another dead-end..... and then ...buried in all the coding-related "Geek Speak", there was a course on a non-typical type of stock trading that caught my eye.

The timing was a little ironic as earlier in the week I had been surfin' the 'net and came across a website offering to train you to trade.

....For $7,000.

Maybe it was worth it, I don't know but it was too steep for me at the time.

So with visions of Wall Street stock traders throwing cash in the air, I clicked the download button.

And my journey began.

There's no question the guy (His name is Samuel which is kinda ironic because he's like a trading prophet) was a financial wizard.

Over the next few hours or so Samuel laid out the foundation for a simple stock trading system that big hedge fund trading companies used to set up weekly income for their clients.

He showed how I could set myself up as a middleman of sorts - just like the bank or the "house" at a casino - getting paid immediately upon placing a trade whether the stock went up down or stayed the same.

I quickly saw that if people didn't know how to do this properly they would "lose money hand over fist."

And that's tough, as it's not really their fault that they lose money with other trading strategies. Without someone showing them how to get paid upfront when they place a trade, they're being held back financially.

Unless you have someone on the inside who's done it before and can explain it to you in plain English - nobody's gonna tell you about this. Your bank, financial advisor, or online broker won't tell you.

It's like the character Gordon Gecko says in the movie "Wall Street": "If you're not inside, you're outside!"

But geez was Samuel hard to understand.

All the weird financial jargon he used had me super confused.

But I couldn't quit.

I NEEDED the system he was teaching.

Not "need" in the sense of "want".

"Need" like man dying of thirst in the desert "needs" water.

I was ready to get started.

The Minister of Capitalism's Life Raft

So I kept studying and little by little it began to make sense.

Before long, I had it figured out.

Once I had his financial speak decoded, I was shocked by just how simple the whole process was.

Actually placing the trade became something I could do in a couple of minutes and I was placing a trade once a week at the end of the day before I went to bed at night.

A whole new world of possibilities seemed to open up before me: I didn't have to trade my time for money anymore, which means I was generating income while I did other things.

At the beginning, I was still working at the shop, sure. But because I had this extra stream of income coming in, it was like I was getting paid twice.

And then the lightbulb went on: I realized that so long as I had an internet connection and a device to access it, I could do this from literally ANYWHERE in the world.

I didn't have to check into a certain place in order to get paid like I did with my job.

Not only could this system generate weekly income with a few minutes of work per week, but I wasn't forced to be in a specific geographic location in order to achieve the results.

This new revelation really opened my eyes to TRUE freedom and all the possibilities it held.

But the REAL MONEY I made!

I'll never forget a conversation I had early on with a broker for my online trading account.

He was going on about how impressed he was with how quickly my trade worked out.

It felt like I had finally cracked the code.

I felt like I finally latched on to some inside information that works. More importantly, I had a financial lifer aft to help keep us afloat and not only replace our lost income but generate much, much more.

It's a feeling unlike anything else: to have a financial safety net that YOU control.

Not your boss. Not Google or Facebook's advertiser guidelines. Not your competition. Not the economy.

With all my searching I had finally found a repeatable system that:
  • can make money whether the market goes up, down or stays the same - even more simple than calling the over under on a sports game - so you can make money even if there isn't much movement in the value of the stock

  • let's you see your odds of success before you place the trade (We only place trades having an 80% chance of success or better - this can equate to an average of about 5-6 winning trades before losing 1) - stacking the odds in your favor while giving you more ways to generate some serious coin.

  • takes less than 10 minutes per week to do - which means you get to spend all that extra time doing what YOU want. Be with your friends and family, go on a trip, or just relax. Who knows? Maybe you'll pick up a new hobby.

  • gives you a chance at cashing real, legitimate cheques each and every week (twice as often as a regular paycheck) - and nobody can tell you how much you can or can't get... YOU choose for yourself... so you aren't limited by some capped wage ceiling, and never have to beg some boss for a raise, and you know it's coming in each and every week.

At the beginning, I had downloaded the program in the hopes that Samuel would give me a fish. Some sort of stock tip or something that I could make a quick buck on.

But in the end he taught me how to fish.

And I'll be forever grateful.

Without the financial pressure and stress, my blood pressure returned to normal, improving my life considerably.

I remember the shocked look on MY boss' face when I told him I was leaving the shop. He claimed I'd be back... I just smiled knowing that it was his last pitiful attempt to save some sort of face.

And my wife? She's always loved gardening... so if she decides she WANTS to go back teaching, it might only be part time.

I mean, where else would I be able to shortcut past years of mind-numbing hard work and get ahead like this?

So ya, I'm grateful and thankful that I both survived this whole mess and that I was able to fall bass ackwards into this trading system.

This is the sort of information that the rich keep to themselves... and if anyone else knows about it, they sure aren't telling.

It's no wonder so many people have tried other money-making ideas or so called "trading secrets" and failed.

Unless you know how to CORRECTLY set yourself up like the casino and get paid UPFRONT, how are you ever going to collect a safe and predictable paycheck with all the uncertainty in the world?

Let's not lose sight of the fact that there is hope and there are better and more exciting days ahead.

I feel that it's time to break the chains that are holding you back.

Now's your opportunity to run past the crippling limitations: your job, your boss, the economy, or other broken money-losing ideas.

It's time to step into a life of independence, wealth, security and happiness.

You finally get to be in control.... you can define how it all looks and on your own terms.

Everything I've learned and reduced down into push-button-simplistic form has gone into formulating what I've dubbed, "The Clockwork Paycheck System" and it's the quickest, most reliable route I've found to achieve results.

.... Before The Rich Squeeze You Out!

So where does this leave us? You and me right now?

Why am I here, telling you this story?

It's because of all the insane events that have taken place in the world.

I see how people are in need, and I want to help.

I'm not a doctor, a scientist or a first responder. So I can't help in those areas.

I'm not an investment advisor, stock pro and I don't have credentials of any kind.

I'm just a simple guy who was lucky enough to stumble onto a trading system that actually works.

And I believe that what I share with you can make a colossal difference in your future, your life, and the people around you.

I've come to realize that: there are certain times in life where we have an opportunity to make one good decision that effortlessly catapults us up the ladder of success.

And right now is one of those times.

There was an opportunity in the year 2000. Then again in 2008. And I believe we're at the beginning of one right now.

It's during times like these that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

Let me explain.

During uncertain or hard times, things go on "clearance sale".

Things like real estate. Stocks. Businesses.

In fact, some people have made literal FORTUNES picking up stocks for pennies on the dollar when things have crashed.

Like the great Warren Buffett who bought American stocks when they looked to be down for the count in 2008. His rule is: "Be fearful when others are greedy, and be greedy when others are fearful."

The result of Buffet's rule? Forbes reported Buffet to be worth $62 billion in 2008. In 2019 he was reportedly worth $85 billion.

That's a cool $23 BILLION dollar increase.

Here's a graph of the gains Buffet enjoyed:

How's that for a nice exponential return on investment?

But Warren Buffet wasn't the only one who has been able to make BILLIONS when stocks went on sale.

Business Insider reported that "Jim Rogers went long on commodities when they were cheap in the late 90s." They went on to say that "What's really impressive... is that he accurately called the bottom of the market that's gone on to rally for more than a decade."

Roger's portfolio was up over 4,200% during that time.

One of the most notable examples of picking up bargain stocks was David Tepper.

Back in 2009, Tepper bought bank stocks for pennies on the dollar when nobody else would.

By the end of the year, Tepper had made over $7 BILLION DOLLARS in profit.

That's how mind-boggling fortunes and family money is made when stock-firesale opportunities like this come along.

Ok, so you and I don't have billions of dollars to start with and we aren't financial geniuses.

But David Tepper bought shares of Bank of America at 12 cents each, and in December 2019 the stock was around the $35 mark.

So if you picked up a bargain like this say investing only $1,000 it would have been worth a cool $291,666.66.

How would you spend it? Cuz the people around you might notice...

Pay off the house? They'll see stress melt right off ya like a snowcone in Phoenix.

Use it as a down-payment for a mansion? That will get their gossip juices flowing.

Pull up in a new convertible? Puhleeese. You know they gonna perk up and take notice... wondering how you managed to effortlessly level up on the ladder of life without working any harder.

Maybe it will take them a while to realize what's going on because you've been away traveling so much?

Imagine what it would be like heading in to work to tell your boss - face to face - that you quit.

Can you imagine the shocked look of realization washing over his face as the impact of you leaving dawns on him?

How incredible would that feel? All the years of being overlooked and taken for granted.... where the only attention you ever got was when you were being criticised or micro-managed.

Remember all the times you held your tongue and quietly died inside because you were too responsible to quit? Because you had others depending on you to bring home a paycheck? Because you never had a financial escape route?

If you remembered all that when you spoke to your boss... you might become legendary with your incredible quitting story.

Sorry for the rant - I get royally choked when I see people getting mistreated and taken advantage of.


Picking up bargains that change your life isn't just limited to stocks.

What if you had scooped up $1,000 worth of bitcoin back in July 2010 when it was 8 cents per coin?

If you did, you could have sold it at $19,783 per coin at its peak in 2017.

That would have netted you $247,287,500 - over $247 MILLION dollars! (Nice little nest egg, isn't it?)

Imagine what that would be like.

You could do or buy virtually anything you want.

Private Island in the Turks and Caicos? Sure.

A swimming pool full of rare gold Krugerrands that you can practice your "money backstroke" in? Why not.

The newest Lamborghini? Heck, might as well get a pair of 'em while you're at it.

A white tiger? Well, somebody's gotta give it a home.

Things that seemed so big and difficult before - paying for your kid's college, clearing your own debt, being able to take a vacation, providing for your family or helping others - would all seem so effortless and easy.

Even if you're good at blowing money - like spending $13,000 PER DAY - it would take you over 50 years to get rid of it all.

But hey, even if your timing wasn't perfect and you didn't sell right at the peak, you still would've made out like a bandit.

YOU would be the person everyone talks about as having a tonne of money.

But before you write this off as being for someone other than you, here's the best part: you ALREADY know the rules of this game. You already know how to do this and probably don't even realize it.

It's literally the same idea as seeing steaks on sale at the supermarket and grabbing a couple because they're a good deal.

If you have the extra money it's no big deal and you can afford to take pick up a bargain - and in this case it could pay off huge!

That said, if you don't have any extra cash it's nearly impossible to capitalize on opportunities when they appear.

So if you've missed out on financial windfalls like this in the past, it's not your fault.

But this coming bargain-fest isn't limited to strictly financial things...

Even things like cars, trucks, boats and other smile-inducing, fun-raising toys are going to be unceremoniously dumped on the open market.

How would you like to pick up that slick new Porsche 911 Turbo for a price so low that you'll be too EMBARASSED to tell anyone the *real* price you paid?

This could be a GLOBAL "firesale" so maybe you've always lusted after a sprawling villa in the south of France - overlooking the best wine country God ever made.

How would it feel to invite people to come visit you there?

Prefer the salty ocean breeze as the rising sun turns the water into a dazzling kaleidoscope of brain-bending color? Then maybe an undiscovered island off of the Caribbean coast is more your style.

Or if you're like me, maybe you prefer a lake house... a quiet haven where you can escape the frantic pace of life as you sip coffee on the deck while trout lazily make calming ripples of discovery on the still morning waters.

You might think your deepest dreams and desires - the ones you've pushed waaay down... (too scared to admit to yourself that you have them) - will always be out of reach.

That those things were made for others to enjoy but never you.

In response to that, I believe that we're about to step into a brand-spanking new age where dreams like this *can* be realized.

It's a massive transformation and time of sublime reversals where you can go from being in the outhouse to the penthouse.

Where you can step into the things you've secretly cried out for.

And you can get it all... IF you've got some extra money coming in.

Beyond just seeing your hopes and dreams come true, the world will NEED people out there to help keep the economy afloat by spending money.

And why can't YOU be one of those people?

Getting back to that firesale... As soon as things get back to normal and the economy turns back around, these assets instantly surge in value - creating exponential wealth for whomever owns them.

We are at the tipping point right now - there is about to be a big "blow out" sale and you will be able to grab these things for scandalously low pennies on the dollar.

But this brief window of opportunity slams shut the moment the economy turns around and it won't re-open for about 14 years.

Remember: the last time an opportunity like this came around was way back in 2008.

But hey, I'm no economics egghead, investment guru or fancy financial advisor. I'm just a simple, hardworking, blue-collar guy trying to take care of his family who has the good sense to listen to people who know more than I do.

I figure I'm not the smartest guy in the room. But I know I can get the same results if I follow what the smart people do.

Whether or not you take advantage of this upcoming "sale of a lifetime", or just use "The Clockwork Paycheck System" to cover your basic needs is completely up to you.

But this is an opportunity to leapfrog yourself past "just scraping by" into financial comfort or beyond.

Just how much further beyond is up to you.

Hey, maybe the "global firesale" doesn't happen for a while. Or even at all... Who knows?

But whether it happens or not, if you are able to pilfer some of the benefits from this system, you'll be much more prepared - regardless of what happens in the future.

"This Is The C4-Bomb That's Blowing
the Access Doors Off
The Insiders' Private Vault"

Simply put, if you follow "The Clockwork Paycheck System" you'll be positioned to suck up these bargains and stack HUGE checks over and over.

Now's the time to act - BEFORE everyone jumps in line ahead of you.

Up until now you've been on the outside looking in. This secret system has been held behind closed doors - kept under wraps by a few key insiders who are in the know.

But this is your admission ticket to the show of a lifetime...

If you've ever felt stuck, like you're running on a hamster wheel and can never get ahead - this could be your chance to sprint ahead in life.

The playing field is now levelled and you have access to the same type of information that Wall Street Insiders have been milking steady profits from since 1973.

The way I see it, you have 3 choices:

Choice #1 - Sit back and do nothing.

You'll stay exactly the same and will experience life the way it is now.

If you have 100% security in your job and business - where money effortlessly flows in non-stop... you might be fine.

And if that's truly the case, maybe you don't need this proven cash generation system.

But if you'd like to add more security to your life, there are other choices you can make...

Choice #2 - Do it all yourself.

You could go back to school and fight tooth and nail to grab a job on the "inside".

Or you could research and test every trading system you can find on the old interwebs with the hope of finding a way to consistently get 6 winning trades out of 7.

And I'm sure you can do it.....

*If* you're able to spend the time and the money (with no guarantee of success)... you might be able to get there.

But you do have another choice...

Choice #3 - Let me share the secret with you.

You could let me tell you what I know and what I've learned throughout the whole process.

You can follow the simple steps that I've laid out for you in this special dossier, so that you can set yourself up with casino-like odds to suck up consistent paychecks (the size of which YOU decide) each and every blessed week.

What do you think will be easiest for you?

There are two types of people in the world.

Those who only dream about achieving their financial goals without ever taking any action to bring it into reality.

And those who are itching to take action when the second opportunity presents itself.

Most people say that they want to be able to be financially comfortable and increase their security.

But you and I know that very few are able to make it happen.

It's the tale of the have's vs. the have nots.

And it's being told consistently through the lives of men and women - every moment of every day.

Most will keep dreaming, but there are a few who can see the opportunity and will seize it.

How to Grab the Opportunity You're Owed
The Clockwork Paycheck System 
Value: $7000

I know that with everything we're going through right now it's pretty overwhelming.

But to help you get going - to help you step into the life you were designed for - I've documented all the details of the "Clockwork Paycheck System" into a step-by-step, straight forward report.

It's not 47 hours of babbling video, or the audio equivalent.

It's a simple to follow, downloadable ebook.

Yup - I've gone through and distilled the essence of everything you need to know into one simple to read and even simpler to follow ebook.

No weird plugins or video problems to worry about.

You can get it instantly and view it on any device.

So whether you're a seasoned stock trader or a rank beginner, it couldn't be any push-button easier.

It's short, to the point, and uses language that us regular Joe's can understand. (None of that technical "big speak" financial types use to confuse the rest of us.)

In it, you'll see how to set up your trades so you get paid upfront, just like the "house" at the casino. (Get this wrong and you'll fritter away thousands of your hard-earned dollars.)

It walks you through the all the tricks of finding specific spots that you should buy and sell at. (This tip alone will get you into the 80% or higher win rate.)

I even divulge the best timeframes you need to set in order to maximize your winning trades. (So you have a map to avoid the common pitfalls people ALWAYS end up in.)

Finally, I pull back the curtain on how to put it all together so you can get paid each and every week (for ANY AMOUNT you want) - as dependable as the mail.

The Optimized List of Securities To Trade (Value $499)

When I started out, I didn't have ANY idea of what securities (stocks, ETF's, Index Funds etc.) I should start trading with.

It took some trial and error... but I came up with a list of some great ones.

I quickly realized that you HAVE To know this BEFORE you ever place a trade, or you'll be leaving PILES of money on the table.

This list is like the premium gas you need to push that shiny new sports car to the limit... without it you'll never realize the full potential of this system.

And because I want to help you as much as I can, I'm going to include it with the "Clockwork Paycheck System" as an extra bonus.

The Save-Your-Butt Trade Adjustment Technique (VALUE: $999)

Hey, even with the odds DRAMATICALLY stacked in your favor sometimes a trade goes against you.

And if this happens, it's absolutely CRITICAL to know what to do.

Most average investors will just hang tight and take the loss - chalking the wasted money up to experience.

But not us.

I'm going to give you a phenomenal way to adjust a losing trade that will SKYROCKET your winning percentage.

In some cases it "forces" you to make even more money than you would have on the original trade.

Oh, heck. Why not? I'm giving away all my secrets anyway.

In addition to the "Save-Your-Butt Trade Adjustment Technique" I'll to give you ANOTHER trade adjustment strategy in case you ever need it.

Think of it as an additional layer of insurance - yet another velvety-soft net in place to keep you safe.

So now you'll have two amazing adjustment techniques in your trading arsenal that the average investor knows *nothing* about.

All together you have a total value of $8998. (And that figure doesn't even count the extra trade adjustment I'm giving you for FREE.)

But we both know it's worth a lot more than that.

(After all, if you walked into any successful hedge fund and wanted them to invest your money for you, you'd have to come up with more than $1 million to invest before they'd even consider letting you in the door.)

Let's not forget that a lot of investing courses cost thousands of dollars. (I mentioned one I saw that was $7,000.)

Even with all of that, I'm not going to charge you $8998. Or $5998. I'm not even going to charge you $1998.

I know what it feels like to be crushed under the weight of all the financial pressure and world-wide uncertainty we face today.

So that's why I'm going to offer this to you right now for only $7.


To charge less than ten bucks for top-grade investment info that isn't available to the average investor or general public?

I've clearly deviated from my capitalistic ways not to charge full market value for this.

Heck, even if you went back to school at the local community college to try and figure this out, it would cost you more than this for a notebook and a couple pens!

It's probably the smallest initial investment you can make to help turn your financial future around, and the seed you sow today can come back multiplied many times over in the days to come.

Actually.... you know what?

To help you even more, I'm going to shoulder all of the risk.

Sure - why not? I'm nearly giving it way for free anyways.

I'll extend to you a 60 day "no questions asked" 100% guaranteed money- back guarantee.

I'm willing to give you 60 days to check out the wondrous cash pulling, eye popping, bank account padding "Clockwork Paycheck System" and if you don't think it's gonna change your life, you can return it for a prompt and courteous refund.

No questions asked.

Just know that this isn't for everyone. If you want all the crazy technical terms, in depth technical analysis, and a quagmire of charts... this isn't for you. This is strictly for the people who want the full results - the how to stuff - without all the fancy-worded filler.

But if you see the tremendous value in this you can get started IMMEDIATELY by clicking on the payment button below and pay via the 100% military grade secure link through Paypal.

From there you can instantly download the entire "Clockwork Paycheck System" as well as the CRITICAL bonuses.

So rather than missing out on another huge opportunity, let's make your brighter tomorrow happen right now by clicking the button below.

PS - If you're still with me, I know you can see the magnificent value and potential this achingly reliable system has to change your financial life.

And one of the things that gets me really fired up about this is that it works on its own - independently from everything else happening in the world.

It doesn't matter what happens in the economy, how many people use this system, or how much time passes - insiders have been using techniques like this to pull in gargantuan checks regularly since 1973.

And unlike ecommerce or other online sales stuff - the stock market is always open for business with hungry people ready to buy and sell. Regardless of how many people are quarantined at home, lose their jobs, or whatever else happens.

But if you don't get in now, you may end up watching your lifeline drift out of reach - cheating yourself out of a "once in a lifetime" chance to secure your financial future and catapult up the ladder of success.

If you miss out, you'll be sitting on the sidelines watching the people around you scoop up all the bargains at rock bottom prices.

Maybe history will repeat itself and you can catch the next window of opportunity when it opens - 14 years from now.

Imagine how this could change things for you... you could finally choose what you do with your time without feeling guilty.

You could wake up in the morning feeling burden-free and excited about the possibilities the day holds for you.

You could feel secure knowing you've got a plan to follow - something of your own - that could pay dividends and produce a bright future.

Like I said, I'm taking all of the risk myself by giving you 60 days to try this exclusive system out.

If you don't believe it has the potential to make a breathtaking difference in your life, you're welcome to get a prompt refund.

But.... if you can see the awe-inspiring opportunity in front of you right now, click the payment button below and let's get started immediately!

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